Welcome to our home, the house of Bombril, a company that wan thousands of households in Brazil with a revolutionary product: the steel wool. Our history began to be written in the summer of 1948, from a genuine belief in the soul of our founder: the passion for the new. At that time, the iron pots were giving place to the aluminum pots, more modern, light and quick to warm up, however, housewives complained about cleaning them with ordinary sponges. They wanted to use something that would be easy to polish and shine, leaving them always new and beautiful. So Bombril was successful from the start, since it fell like a glove in the hands of consumers. Over time, our brand has been growing and developing to become what it is today: the largest cleaning solutions company in the country. Besides the icons products on the market, such as steel wool sponge, we also offer synthetic sponges, detergents, soap in bar, saponaceous, disinfectants, cleaners, softeners, liquids clothes wash, ironing facilitator, perfumed sachets and air fresheners. Bombril is composed of over 15 brands and more than 300 items that do not ever stop on supermarket shelves. All this, is to keep the Brazilian houses with that good smell of cleaning.

To ensure that more people everywhere have access to our brands, we have full infrastructure. There are three industrial complexes where more than 2,400 employees produce about 250,000 tons of products per year. Once ready, the brands that make up the Bombril group go to the outlets across the country, to help clean up, perfume and shine in 99% of Brazilian households.

With Bombril, it is easy to take care of the house, because there are products for everything: from stress environments, reviving colors of the clothes, the floors and walls, everything to ensure a great feeling of freshness and well-being of the entire family. The public trusts Bombril and this credibility made of it the absolute leader in several segments. It is a solid and reliable company, which aims on future growth in a sustainable manner and on the working together with partners and employees. Therefore, we won the leadership.

Bombril is warm, almost intimate. It talks openly with the public, using a direct, spontaneous and sincere communication. A proof of that is the campaign that is on air for over 30 years, with one of the most remarkable and beloved characters in the history of Brazilian advertising. No wonder that the company was considered the Brand of the Century. This recognition came in 1999 with the election of the 21 most prestigious brands for consumers nationwide. Of these, only four - among them, Bombril - were created and developed in Brazil.


Head Office

Via Anchieta, Km 14, S/N – Bairro Rudge Ramos – Distrito Industrial

São Bernardo do Campo – São Paulo – CEP: 09696-000

Telefone/Fax: (11) 4366-1001

Área: 146.000m²

Área construída: 69.220m²

Unidad Industrial - Minas Gerais

Avenida Prefeito Alberto Moura, 6.300 – Bairro Santa Rita – Distrito Industrial

Sete Lagoas – Minas Gerais – CEP: 35702-383

Telefone/Fax: (31) 3779-1500

Área: 117.000m²

Área Construída: 17.011m²

Unidad Industrial - Pernambuco

BR 101 Norte, Km 52 – Zona Industrial

Abreu e Lima – Pernambuco – CEP: 53510-070

Telefone/Fax: (81) 3542-8400

Área: 74.000m²

Área construída: 20.295m²


Be the biggest and best Brazilian company in cleaning and hygiene, with brands that offer a complete line of products that facilitate the daily lives and improve the quality of life of consumers.


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The history of Bombril has to do with the history of many people who believe in work force, pioneering spirit and an enormous capacity to create and develop. And in times of adversity, Bombril gets into the picture and clean up everything, leaving it shine and clean and all set for the next projects. In here you will follow the successful path of Bombril in our timeline and discover what this innovating company has accomplished since it was founded, 72 years ago.

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